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Travel With Others, Without Wishing They'd Stayed Home

- A survival guide to traveling with your spouse, lover, boss, friends, kids, grandchildren, someone else's kids, parents, in-laws and other relatives, your pet and yourself.
What You'll Learn

  The risks and rewards of traveling with your lover

  What to do when your teenager falls in love on the road

  How to avoid sexual harassment when traveling with the boss

  Which friends you should never travel with

  How to negotiate with your spouse

  ... plus much more

6x9, 245 pages, $16.95

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Reader's Comments

  "A bizillion great examples, marvelous vignettes and essential help for your love-life travels. Very hard to put down, a fun read."

- Linda Breakstone, Political Editor, CBS-2 News, Los Angeles -
  "Anyone who has returned from a trip with a spouse, a boss or even a beloved pet knows that the term 'extreme travel' covers more than snowboarding in the Himalayas. Here is advice on how to set forth with all sorts of one's fellow creatures, live to tell about it and even enjoy the experiences."

-- Toni Stroud, "Resourceful Traveler, Chicago Tribune -
  "An honest-to-goodness really interesting book about traveling--and how to get the best out of everything...not only well written, it's also well worth reading. With lots of valuable vignettes, this frequently humorous book should be on your bookshelf."

- John Clayton, KKGO-FM, Rancho Palos, Verdes, CA -
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