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Table of Contents

Table of Contents


INTRODUCTION: Identifying Traveler Type
    The Travel Enthusiast, The Adventurer, The Sportsman, The Relaxer, The Beach Bum, The Comfort Seeker, The Culturist, The Shopper, The Discoverer, What Kind of Traveler Are You?
CHAPTER ONE: How to Survive Traveling with Your Spouse
    Advantages, Disadvantages, Making the Transition from One to Two, Trade Off Negotiations, You Don't Always Have to Compromise, Who Cares about the Hotel Room?, I Hate to Shop, I'm Not Going to Carry That, Eliminating Anxieties: We're Going to Miss the Boat, I'm Afraid of Flying, You're Driving Too Fast, What If I Get Sick?, My Spouse Snores, How Can I Leave the Kids, Mom, Dad, Grandma,the Dog, Aunt Betsy, the Plants, the Office? No Recriminations, Please.
CHAPTER TWO: How to Travel with Your Lover
    Advantages, Disadvantages, Should I Go? Settle Up Front: Who Pays What?, One or Two Bedrooms?, No Strings Attached. Risks and Rewards: To Thine Own Self Be True, When You're Separated or Divorced, When You're a Single Parent, When One of You Has Medical Problems, Self-Renewal.
CHAPTER THREE: The Honeymoon
    It Better Be Romantic, What's Romantic, What Isn't?, Romantic Atmosphere, Sidestepping Snafus: Insufficient Funds, Rough Relations with the Ex, Honeymoon with Ma and Pa, Honeymoon with the Kids, Delayed Honeymoon
CHAPTER FOUR: How to Survive Traveling with Your Boss
    Advantages, Disadvantages, When the Boss Wants to Save Money: Sharing a Room, Staying Longer to Save on Airfare, Driving to Avoid Air Fare Confiscating Your Airline Awards. When the Boss Wants to Save Time: Taking Night Flights, Working Ten Hours a Day. Dining with the Boss: When You Can't Say No, When You're on a Diet, When the Boss Is on a Diet. Who Pays What: Side Trips,Dining Out. Sexual Harrassment, Do's and Don'ts: Don't Be Late, Don't Check Baggage, Dress Appropriately, Don't Gossip, Don't Ask for a Raise on the Road, Don't Be a Prima Donna.
CHAPTER FIVE: How to Survive Traveling with Friends
    Advantages, Disadvantages, Are You Compatible Travel Types? Are Your Budgets Compatible? Are Your Personalities and Habits Compatible? Decisions to Share Up Front: One Person to Handle Arrangements, When, Where and How Long? Accommodations, Dining, Shared Activities, Who Drives? Pitfalls: I'll Let You Know If We Can Come, Altering Plans to Accommodate Others, Changes and Deviations, Odd Man Out, Trust Me, Courtesies.
CHAPTER SIX: How to Survive Traveling with Your Kids
    Advantages, Disadvantages, Traveling with an Infant: Keep It Simple, Where to Stay, Finding Time for Mom and Dad. Vacationing with Toddlers: Easiest Trips, Dining Out with Toddlers, Leaving Favorite Things Behind, On the Way, When Three Is Less Than Two, Organizing the Day. Vacationing with School-Age Children: Where to Go, Four Family Favorites, Dining, Learning to Pack, Involve the Kids in Planning, Discuss Behavior, What's Expected,Keeping Them Busy, Motorcoach Tours. Vacationing with Teenagers: When They Fall in Love on the Road.
CHAPTER SEVEN: How to Travel with Someone Else's Kids
    Advantages, Disadvantages, Considerations: Children of Divorced or Separated Parents, Dennis the Menace, Spoiled Children, What If the Kids Get Sick or Have an Accident? Know Before You Go: Medical History, Allergies, Foods They Like and Dislike, Normal Bed Time, Movies They Can See, Religious Observances, Checklist. Limiting Logistical Problems, Methodology: Assigning Responsibilities, Setting Ground Rules, Exercising Authority, Two against One&emdash;&emdash;When Kids Take Sides, Guiding Social Behavior, Looking Out for Each Other, Who Pays What?, Follow Up.
CHAPTER EIGHT: How to Travel with Parents, In-Laws and Other Relatives
    Advantages, Disadvantages, Planning Considerations: What Type of Travelers Are They? Who Pays What? Health Limitations, Travel Insurance, Activities for Everyone, Assigning Responsibilities. Pitfalls to Avoid: Friendly Advice or Interference, Taking Sides, We Vacationed with Your Mother Last Year, Comparisons, Sibling Rivalry at the Age of Forty, No Mother-in-Law Jokes, Please. Evaluation.
CHAPTER NINE: How to Survive Traveling by Yourself
    Advantages, Disadvantages, Travel That Will Maximize Contact with Others: Escorted Tours Hosted Packages, Cruises, The All-Inclusive Concept Sports and Hobbies, Study and Travel, Cultivating Friendships Abroad. Taking Care of Yourself: Table for One, I Vant to Be Alone, Safety, If You Get Sick, Pack Your Smile.
CHAPTER TEN: How to Survive Traveling with Your Pet
    Advantages, Disadvantages, Considerations: Where Can We Go? Is Quarantine Required, Where Can We Stay? Dining with Your Pet, Getting There by Plane, Pet in Cabin, Pet in Cargo, To Tranquilize or Not to Tranquilize, Do's and Don'ts, Lost Pet, International Flights, Getting There by Car, Safety on the Road, Getting There by Ship, Getting There by Train or Bus, When Your Pet is a Horse, When Your Pet Is a Cello.


A. Packing Tips for Trips of 7-21 Days

B. Finding a Physician in a Foreign Country

C. Travel Checklist

D. Special Airline Meals

E. Traveler's Health History

F. Traveler's Medical Kit

G. Your Travel Agent

H. Sources of Additional Information
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