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Find out your Traveler Type

What Kind of Traveler Are You?
Click here see descriptions of the nine different travel types.
Most travelers are combinations of one or more. To discover your dominant type, circle the answer that most fits you, whether or not you've been to the destination.

1.)  I would rather travel to ...
A. A self-contained resort in a tropical paradise with a great beach.
B. An exciting city in Europe.
C. An exotic place in an undeveloped country.
D. Any place I can participate in my favorite sport (golf, tennis, diving, skiing, boating, riding, swimming etc.)

2.)  I would be most excited if I were invited on a trip to ...
A. See the gorillas in Ruanda in their natural habitat
B. Go white-water rafting on a 4+ river.
C. Stay at a deluxe resort in Fiji.
D. Go shopping in Paris.
3.)  Given a choice of the four trips below, I would most likely ...
A. Camp out with the primitive tribes of the western Amazon region.
B. Visit Quebec and Nova Scotia in Canada.
C. Take a walking trek up and down the Himalayas.
D. Go to Maui in Hawaii.
4.)  If I had a leisure day while on a business trip to Los Angeles, I would most likely ...
A. Participate in a specific sport such as golf, tennis, biking, scuba diving etc.
B. Go sightseeing.
C. Go shopping.
D. Go to the beach.
5.)  When someone tells me about their trip, the first question I am likely to ask him is ...
A. What hotels and restaurants did they like the best?
B. What did they see and do there?
C. What things did they buy there?
D. How's the beach there?
6.)  If I had a day free while in Kenya, I would ...
A. Go hot-air ballooning.
B. Stay at a beach on the Indian Ocean.
C. Visit a Masai village.
D. Stay at the hotel and play my favorite sport.
E. Go into town and shop.
7.)  If I had one week to see the Greek Islands, I would rather ...
A. See several islands on a deluxe cruise ship.
B. Rent a private villa on one island for the whole week.
C. Fly to three islands and visit each one in 2 or 3 days.
D. Stay with a local family on one island.
8.)  If I won a one-week trip to one of the following for New Years, I would choose ...
A. A week of opera, concerts and a New Year's Eve ball in Vienna, Austria.
B. A week of a combination dog sled and reindeer ride in Finland.
C. A week's tour of the best shopping spots in Paris.
D. A week at a Club Med (all inclusive sports-oriented resort) in the Caribbean.
9.)  If I won a trip on any of the following guided tours, I would choose ...
A. A trip to the major sights on mainland China at first class hotels.
B. A bicycle trip around Colorado in summer.
C. A tour of France's gourmet restaurants and luxury country hotels.
D. A stay at a first class beach hotel in Hilton Head, South Carolina.
10.)  What really makes a trip memorable is ...
A. The local people I met and friends I made there.
B. The wonderful hotels or inns where I stayed.
C. The bargains I bought.
D. The sights I saw.
E. The sport, (golf, tennis etc) I played there.
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